Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Baptism

I was privileged enough today to attend the baptism of one of my best friend's daughter. She is 10 days old today. Seeing how beautiful she was reminded me of all the blessings God has bestowed upon us.

The beautiful new family.

God Bless this little girl.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Close up Baby

I love babies. I love my little man. The smiles and joy he brings.

His innocence and curiosity.

The details of his little body.

He makes me love this job.

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful Chirstmas season and an even better New Year!
Thank-you to those whom have helped me get started this year. I am forever grateful.

Done for the Season

I think the season is done. It is getting too cold to go outside for pictures without being bundled up.

I can attempt a few indoor pictures if there is good lighting, but good natural lighting is harder to come by inside.

In a Pumpkin

Babies don't like it when you stick them in a cold, wet pumpkin.

They pout a bit.

Until they get distracted by the grass and leaves next to them.

But they forgive you. At least until they see the pictures when they are teenagers.

My Sister's Wedding

My sister decided to get married. She didn't do a traditional ceremony, but I wanted to get a few pictures of her wedding day for her anyway. We went to the park. It was freezing out, but being the mean big sister I am, I made her get them done anyway.

They are so in love.

You can see the love just looking at them.

This one is my favorite. I am having it made into a large canvas print for her as a surprise.

New Watermark

I finally got my new watermark done.

What do you think?

The Farm

I love the farm. The sounds. The smells. The wonderful and beautiful sights. Animals, buildings, fields, tractors. I wish I lived on a farm.

My daughter loves this horse.

I think my son would too, if he were out and could see it.

Yellow Leaves

The park has some wonderful yellow leaves in the fall. Makes for some wonderful picture opportunities.

Her favorite color is yellow.


I love people's eyes. Especially my children's eyes.

My son.
My daughter.


I love this girl. She is so striking.
Soft, pale, delicate skin.
Beautiful eyes.
Lovely, dark, wavy hair.
Scarlet lips.
She makes me think she just stepped out of a 1940's fashion magazine.

I love her sense of style.

Fence and Flowers

It was a beautiful day, so my daughter and I were going for a walk around the neighborhood. We paused for a moment to look at one of our neighbor's beautiful flower gardens. He saw us smelling the flowers and cut a small bouquet for us to take home. As we continued on our walk, my daughter fell a few steps behind me and I turned around to see this.

It really was a beautiful day!