Saturday, January 1, 2011

52 Week Project

Happy New Year! Today is a fresh start, the beginning of a new year. A year filled with hopes, dreams, and goals. Part of my New Years Goals is to complete a 52 Week Project.

A 52 Week Project is this:
"Challenge your artistic skills and commitment to your craft and walk away with a year worth of memories and an experience that will last a lifetime. Take a photo a week of your every-day life and post it. One photo a week for a whole year."

All too often I am busy taking pictures of everybody else and do not take the time to snap some of my own kids. This will be a wonderful way to capture those little moments that may otherwise be missed and forgotten. Nothing fancy, nothing posed, not a planned & thought-out moment. Just life as it happens. At the end I will put them together into a book for my kids.

My week will go from the Saturday through Friday. Then I will post that week's photo the next morning. So look for a new picture every Saturday this year!

What are your New Years Goals for 2011? Share them with me!

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